From startup to enterprise — make your login experience work for your users.

SSO for your site or app
  • 7 days of event data
  • Unlimited Social Media SSOshow list
  • Unlimited Enterprise SSOshow list
  • Unlimited unique users
  • Cloud Jurisdiction choiceCloud Jurisdiction choice
  • Cloud Platform choiceCloud Platform choice
  • GDPR CompliantGDPR Compliant
  • Code Samples & SDKs
SSO & custom tools
$199/ MONTH
  • 90 days of event data
  • Time / IP / Location restrictions
  • Monthly usage reports
  • Custom rules for 100 VIP customers
  • Predictive user preferencesPredictive user preferencesOur system can predict which identity provider a user is likely to use (e.g. Gmail users will see Google). You can match the user with the right option so they can sign in with minimal friction.
  • Opt out of data retention
Enterprise options
  • Custom days of event data
  • Splunk integration
  • Custom rules for 1000 VIP customers
  • Local deployment / Docker image
  • SOC type 2
  • SLAs are available to all our enterprise customers. Contact us for details