WooCommerce WordPress Installation Guide

Step 1

Download the LogonLabs WordPress plugin from https://wordpress.org/plugins/logonlabs/

Step 2

Go to app.logonlabs.com/sign-up to create your LogonLabs account

Step 3

Login and complete the setup and configuration for your LogonLabs account.

Step 4

Copy the Callback URL value from your WordPress plugin and enter it into the Callback URL field on this page: https://app.logonlabs.com/app/#/app-settings

Step 5

Copy the same Callback URL value from your WordPress plugin and add it to the CORS Whitelist field on this page: https://app.logon-dev.com/app/#/cors

Step 6

Copy the App ID value from https://app.logonlabs.com/app/#/app-settings and the App Secret value from https://app.logonlabs.com/app/#/app-secrets, and paste them into your WordPress Plugin settings page.

Step 7

Set additional rules and restrictions in your LogonLabs app at https://app.logonlabs.com/app/#/default-rules

Step 8

Choose your SSO button style in your LogonLabs WordPress plugin (small or large).

Step 9

In your WordPress Admin, go to Settings and ensure that the New User Default Role is set to Customer, to ensure that users who register via SSO receive the same Role as users who register via WooCommerce.

Step 10

Return to your WooCommerce site’s login page. You should now see SSO sign in options available.