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Use Okta to Support Multiple Corporate Client Logins

Many vendors are being asked to support logins with Okta by their corporate clients. But it’s not a quick fix — each client requires their own “continue with Okta” dialog. Each deployment is specific to their organization.

Now you can support multiple unique login paths for clients who use Okta, WITHOUT having to build multiple login screens. 

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Use Domain Mapping with LogonLabs

With domain mapping, you can present the users in an organization with the Okta button that applies uniquely to them. 

Save yourself ever having to build additional Okta login pages by using the LogonLabs API. 

Here’s how it works:

  • When a user goes to sign in to a vendor website, they enter their email address
  • LogonLabs recognizes the domain and presents the “continue with Okta” option that is unique to their organization
  • The user logs in using Okta single sign-on and you see them in your LogonLabs dashboard, plotted on a map

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Deep Customization Using Domain Delegation

After you configure an Okta integration for a client’s domain, you can create a delegated LogonLabs session for a representative of that domain to use. This allows administrators of a domain to manage their own login settings. 

An example of how it works: 

  • If an organization decides that they want to limit authentication to work hours only, they could log in to your LogonLabs app and set that restriction
  • The delegated session only allows access at the level of a single domain, so those users would not be able to see or edit any app settings that do not apply to their own domain

Now you can support unique login experiences for clients who use Okta without the hassle of creating and supporting multiple login screens. 

How to Use LogonLabs to Support Multiple Okta Clients 

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The LogonLabs Authentication API

LogonLabs is a universal authentication API for your existing login workflows. Support all the major SSO providers on any platform.

We’ve built an authentication API that makes supporting identity providers like Okta easy.

  • Show users customized login screens by domain
  • See users on a map and control access with a single click
  • LogonLabs ties in with many enterprise solutions, including Okta
  • No need to change or point your records to a third party
  • Use your existing stack & maintain control 

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