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LogonLabs at Seattle Interactive 2019

We have recently returned from the Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC) where we had a chance to talk with agency owners, account managers, and developers. We wanted to share some of the pics and conversations we had while we were there.

Our road crew, ready for action on Thursday morning

We hosted a lounge in the tradeshow area, where our white couches and “beerless pong” game attracted quite a few visitors on the first day.

Once things got underway, the lounge was very popular on the first day
Isiah offered demos of the audit screen and did not stage this photo, this is candid photography at its finest

Beerless pong was a hit because it was easy to win. We make the SSO game easy too. Get it? Here, have a football.

Our umbrellas were a hit with the Seattleites who were willing to admit they use one. Here’s Andrew doing his best Mary Poppins impression
On the second day, the team had more time to chat with other vendors and try the vintage arcade games
With less traffic to our lounge on Friday, Isiah and Jordan had more time to just hang out

Did we see at SIC and you want to reach out? Visit our SIC page and sign up and we’ll be in touch.